Anabaptists in English History from 1500 to 1660

To help people with the study of Anabaptists in English history 1500-1660 I have loaded all official government references to Anabaptists in the Letters & Papers series into one document, covering the period up to the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660. It includes comment and information about Anabaptists in Germany and other parts of central Europe, with the perceived ‘threat’ of Anabaptist beliefs infiltrating English churches.

This does show some of the problems with the term ‘Anabaptist’ as it is sometimes used with varying accuracy to label all forms of radical dissent including groups like the Family of Love and others who denied core Christian beliefs. The term ‘Baptist’ is almost never used.

Anabaptists English history
European Anabaptists, 1592

Download the document ‘Anabaptists in English history’ 1500-1660 here.

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