This book from local historian Adrian Gray was launched at the Thomas Helwys commemoration event on Saturday 12th March 2016, at The Well, in Retford. Titled From Here We Changed the World, Adrian’s book delivers “amazing stories of Pilgrims and Rebels from North Nottinghamshire and West Lincolnshire”.

This book is the story of how a few people have influenced hundreds of millions of others across the globe, over the last few centuries, and down to the present day. It was described at the event as “a bold statement, but it is a fact, and one we are very proud of”. But the legacy goes wider, for it was from this same region that the idea of religious tolerance for all people and faiths first took root in public debate, leading to a significant impact still seen today in the American Constitution and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. So all who enjoy the freedom to believe, or not to believe, share in the legacy of these extraordinary people. This book demonstrates the international significance of the two counties of Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. It is a handbook to the places and their people who have been forgotten for too long; they are part of our heritage and our identity and, for the most part, we are able to take pride in what they achieved.

From Here We Changed The World
Adrian Gray
Adrian Gray