Mayflower 400 Tours

We are an official Mayflower 400 tour operator and have been involved in supporting the Mayflower effort for several years

We are the only community-based provider of tours and information in the heartland of the Mayflower Pilgrims; profits go into supporting this community work in partnership with Bassetlaw Christian Heritage

Rooted in both academic study of history and local churches, we provide a full perspective of the Mayflower story

With our lively guides you will enjoy your trip and meet local people


  • Guided tours of the principal Mayflower Pilgrim sites in the area of England where they lived
  • Ability to adapt our route to your interest and to meet the needs of family groups, church groups of various denominations, and those with an interest in history
  • Bespoke routes to meet your specific interests


  • The core Pilgrim places for our short day route are indicated in bold type with other places also listed of interest. Routes can be planned to include your personal prerences:
    • Marnham – where Richard Clifton began his ministry and where John Smyth, the Baptist, was charged with ‘riot’
    • Babworth – the ‘home church’ of the Pilgrims in its delightful woodland setting
    • Worksop Priory – we use this great church to explain in outline the history behind Henry VIII’s Reformation and the later persecution of the puritans, explaining also its links to Roger Williams and Rhode Island
    • Scrooby – we visit William Brewster’s ‘home’ church and see the remains of the Manor
    • Austerfield – William Bradford’s church has excellent windows showing Pilgrim history, and his house can also be seen
    • Sturton-le-Steeple – the home village of John Robinson, John Smyth, Catherine and Bridget White, and perhaps John Carver; see the house that is ‘allegedly’ John Robinson’s!

Gainsborough – stand on the waterside from which the Pilgrim women and children embarked, see the (rebuilt) church where John Smyth preached illegally and the

Mayflower 400
All Saints, Babworth
All Saints Church, Babworth